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The global economic crisis has caused several developments and transformations that have its implications on the world today. In the midst of these changes, the recent and accurate information has its high value and importance for the government and companies when making the right decisions.

GOIC’s database remains one of the most few databases around the world that provides details of industrial information for seven countries together through one site.

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An unmatched range of business solutions
The Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) is the unique source of commercial and socio-economic information and data about Gulf markets. It works closely with clients to help them make smart decisions in a timely manner and to provide them with valuable information about key decision makers in the region. In addition, GOIC actively assists clients to secure useful strategic alliances between the public and private sectors and to achieve other competitive advantages.

GOIC offers insights in the following areas:
  • Market conditions and future trends
  • Demographic and economic data
  • Social, regulatory and legal data
  • New industrial investment opportunities
  • Potential suppliers and commercial partners
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