GOIC’s strategy


GOIC’s strategy 2012-2016


“A home of expertise with a global competitive and excellent reputation in the provision of industrial consultative services.”


"Provide of high quality consulting services in the areas of industrial development, economic information and market requirements provided by distinctive competencies and expertise and through strategic regional and international cooperation. "

Main values

  Excellence and efficiency
  Transparency and professional integrity
  Speed and effectiveness of achievement
  Customer Satisfaction
  Teamwork Spirit
  Equality and respect

The Strategic objectives for GOIC’s strategy 2012-2016

1. Increase of the operational efficiency, development of performance and achievement of continuous growth in GOIC’s operational revenues.
2. Support of the activities of future-targeted industrial sectors in the Member States.
3. Promotion of industrial investment opportunities, and provision of information and updated reports in the field of industry and industrial economics and marketing.


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