Data Collection & Treatment
These data and information represent one of the main approaches to support industrial studies, completion of feasibility studies, economic research, preparation of investment opportunities profiles. Further, they play a vital role in the formulation of industrial policies and support of resolutions, thus making the information sector the cornerstone of GOIC’s activities. The Department of Industrial Information collects and disseminates data and information of vital importance to industrial development in the Member States, and provides integrated information services to GOIC’s technical departments, in addition to the governmental and private institutions and entities.
What is this about?
The Gulf Industries Database:
contains accredited information on more than 15000 manufacturers, products and licensed industrial projects in the GCC states. Detailing total project investments, companies, manpower, designed and actual capacities of products, this database is highly beneficial to those who perform comparative analysis, seek possible business opportunities and keep up to date with industry performances.
The Socio-Economic Database:
comprises over 400 socio-economic and demographic indicators essential in identifying new markets and targeting segments. It allows monitoring consumption statistics by demographic groups and following demographic changes in the region.
The Foreign Trade Database:
includes statistics on imports, exports and re-exports for each GCC country and imports for each country. It provides detailed information that may allow tracking trends and monitoring opportunities across the region.
Investment Opportunities Database:
features bilingually over 300 business opportunities, and thus brings entrepreneurs and investors together. It includes summaries and financial profiles of industrial investment prospects.
Indexing and Abstracting Database (OSCAR):
This database provides for researchers and those interested in development issues up-to-date indexed materials and abstracts in both Arabic and English languages, as well as specialized journal articles, conference and seminar papers, reports and other literature related to industrialization and development.
Information Resources System Database:
A bilateral database, designed to help researchers and scholars in their search for information sources, as it includes bibliographical data of books, periodicals, reports and studies collected by the department. This allows processing the activities of cataloging, supply, registration and other activities.
Who can benefit?
Subscribers and non-subscribers can also benefit from the Inquiry Service which provides valuable industrial and economic information

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