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About Industrial Information Department
The information sector in GOIC is the central hub for its events and activities, since data and information are the main entrance to support industrial studies, and to prepare investment opportunities profiles. This is coupled by its vital role in the formulation of industrial policies, and the supporting of decisions. The primary purpose of the information sector is concentrated in the collection and dissemination of data and information of vital importance to industrial development in the GCC countries. Efforts have been exerted towards developing information resources and knowledge at the level of the GCC countries.
This has enabled the provision of integrated information services by GOIC’s departments, in addition to the various government and private organizations and entities in the GCC countries. Latest technology, hardware and software have been highly utilized for the access of data and information. This has actively contributed to provide beneficiaries with books, reports, directories and industrial profiles.
In 1979, after the lapse of three years from the founding of GOIC, a specialized industrial library has been established and the first computer installed. Several systems of industrial and economic information databases were designed for the Gulf countries, as well as databases and the technology information for various industrial processes in the world. The databases have been reinforced with a data collection system that drives its data from many local and foreign sources, and from direct contacts with global industrial banks.
In the year 1983, which was called at the time as the information year of GOIC, the Member States have been linked with GOIC’s computer, and thus the first central database of information on the level of the Gulf region was established.
By 2005, GOIC launched the Industrial Market Intelligence (IMI) program, under the name of IMI Portal (later renamed as GIG Portal) which is a single, easily accessible source of information. The first of its kind in the Middle East, It was created to assist industrial development throughout the region by sharing and enhancement of knowledge. GOIC’s researchers and experts collate and analyze data and information that cover all aspects of industrial, economic and social developments across the region.
The Portal is a six-in-one tool comprising of the following databases: the Gulf Industries Database, the Foreign Trade Database, the Socio-Economic Database, Investment Opportunities Database, and the Experts Database.
Since the beginning of the year 2012 and in continuation of GOIC’s approach to keep pace with the accelerated technical development and to lead and compete with similar institutions worldwide, GOIC has introduced the state-of-the-art technology to provide information data, statistics, knowledge, high quality research and advisory services. Its target audience includes decision-makers, industrialists, investors and businessmen in both the public and private sectors in the Member States. This portal publishes accurate, current and up-to-date industrial, economic and social data of the seven countries and makes them accessible to end-users. This is to confirm its role in supporting industrial development in the region.

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