Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of subscribing in the GIG Portal?
Subscription in the GIG Portal is available for year and the price is USD 3000 per year. For more details contact Industrial Information department .

What payment methods are accredited to subscribe in GIG Portal?

We accept credit Visa Card, Master card and transfers to our account details below: 


Address: State of Qatar – Doha PO. B. 5114

Account No.  0013-048707-001(QAR)

IBAN: QA92 QNBA 0000 0000 0013 0487 0700 1    (QAR)

Name of the beneficiary bank:   Qatar National Bank - QNB


Address:  State of Qatar – Doha PO. B. 1000

What if I am not convinced or satisfied after subscribing in the GIG Portal? 

In the case you are not satisfied with what the GIG Portal offers, please contact the Department of Industrial Information in GOIC.
Please also see the following recovery policy controls:
Customers who cancel their subscription in the GIG Portal after 4 weeks of receipt of their user names and passwords will not be refunded. The customer who cancels his subscription in the GIG Portal within two to four weeks of receipt of the username / password, will be refunded up to 50% of the total amount paid. In the event the customer cancels his subscription within two weeks of receipt of the username / password he will be compensated the equivalent of 75% of the total amount paid

Is the information provided by the GIG Portal available in another site?
The GIG Portal includes a full range of industrial and economic data that will provide full and partial details for each industry in the GCC countries. These key data have been assembled from official sources. However, the main reliance is on the information that GOIC derives from the results of the research conducted through the industrial surveys.

Can I get technical support and assistance when I fail to get required information from the GIG Portal?
The team members of the GIG Portal are available to serve you and help explaining any queries you have. Our support is offered through many multi-media: telephone, e-mail, etc.

Is it possible to download, store or print the information?
Your subscription will allow you to download all search results in the forms of PDF, RTF and Excel, and to enable you to easily print the results.

What is the average rate for updating the contents of the GIG Portal?
Information of the GIG Portal is continuously updated with the exception of the Foreign Trade Database which is updated annually after receipt of data from original sources.

What are the sources of information available in the GIG Portal?
GOIC gets information directly from those responsible for the industry in the GCC countries in addition to the special questionnaires that depend on reliable sources through communication with governments and chambers of commerce and industry.

How many users who are given access immediately after subscription?
Subscription in the GIG Portal means subscription of only one person (using the user name and password at the same time). In the case of the need for more subscribers, please contact the GIG Portal team on the following e-mail address:imi@goic.org.qa

What is the level of accuracy of the information available in the GIG Portal?
The information provided by GOIC’s GIG Portal are characterized by a high level of accuracy and reliability that make them a point of reference for researchers, industrialists, planners and governments.

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