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Welcome to GIG Portal

Since the beginning of the year 2012 and in continuation of GOIC’s approach to keep pace with the accelerated technical development and to lead and compete with similar institutions worldwide, GOIC has introduced the state-of-the-art technology to provide information data, statistics, knowledge, high quality research and advisory services. Its target audience includes decision-makers, industrialists, investors and businessmen in both the public and private sectors in the Member States. This Portal publishes accurate, current and up-to-date industrial, economic and social data of the seven countries and makes them accessible to end-users. This is to confirm GOIC’s role in supporting industrial development in the region. more...


01 Industrial Activity

Operating and licensed plants are classified according to the International Standard Industrial Classification(ISIC), where the user can search for factories according to the industrial activity to obtain data representing: name and address of the factory, its location on the Internet, its industrial products, designed capacity, amounts of actual production, used raw materials, the volume of investment and the labor in every GCC state.

02 Products & Raw Materials

Products and raw materials are classified by the unified customs tariff where the user can inquire about the operating and licensed factories by the product to get the data which represent: the name and address of the factory, its location on the Internet, its industrial products, designed capacity, amounts of actual production, used crude materials, volume of investment and labor according to the establishment and country.
03 Country & City

Searching for any of the GCC countries or any other city will get the researcher to a wealth of information such as statistics, industrial of this country include the number of factories, investment volume, the number of workers classified by industrial activity as well as production capacities for each commodity produced in this country which is access to the details of the factories and their products as well as data import and export of the country by commodity and trading partner, and various indicators on foreign trade, in addition to the economic and social data such as population and GDP as well as economic indicators sporadic.

04 Investment Opportunities

   They include summary data on investment opportunities that GOIC has prepared and promoted in order to achieve more industrialization opportunities in the region.
We do Data Collection & Treatment across GCC for
The Gulf Industries Database The Foreign Trade Database for GCC Investment Opportunities Database The Socio-Economic Database

Our Products & Services

01 Training and Capacity Development Program
The Training and Capacity Development Program (TCD) is a training program developed by "GOIC" with the aim of increasing individual and organizational capabilities in the industrial sector in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.
02 Gulf Industrial Knowledge Center
Gulf Industrial Knowledge Center is a web portal designed to be the gateway to all industrial data and information in the Gulf region. It provides unique set of GOIC industrial studies, GOIC industrial investment opportunities and up-to-date reports about several industrial sectors in term of trade and production capacities.