The meeting will include the following presentations and working papers:
1. “The current and future trends of the pharmaceutical industry in the GCC,” by GOIC.
One day,
Monday 11th April 2011
Doha Sheraton Hotel
( Al-Maha Hall ), Qatar
* Pharmaceutical agents.
Medical research institutions.
* The committee for unified purchase of drugs and medical
Create a forum for the exchange of ideas & dialogue among pharmaceutical companies in GCC & Yemen.

About the Pharmaceutical Market in GCC Countries & Yemen

The pharmaceutical market in GCC countries & Yemen exceeds 6 billion USD. This market is growing rapidly and is expected to reach around 10 billion USD by 2020. Despite the growth of this market, local manufacturing is not able to meet the growing demand, and GCC countries continue to import most of their needs in medicines from abroad. Therefore, significant opportunities exist for growth and expansion of this sector in GCC. Expanding growth in this industry would also help to more



IMPORTANT NOTE: The presentations and recommendations will be available on website within two days of the event


Michael Pender-Cudlip
Principal, IMS Consulting

Presentation summary
Michael Pender-Cudlip will draw on IMS market data and experience gained from healthcare consulting in GCC to profile the pharmaceutical markets of the region, to explain how they have been performing within a global context and in relation to each other. He will highlight noteworthy developments in demand and supply, addressing such issues as the impact of cost containment and competition between and amongst multinational companies and regional/local branded generic players. He will illustrate his presentation with case studies based upon recent IMS work in the read his
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Dream Samir
Managing Director Merck Serono Middle & Near East

Presentation summary - The Pharmaceutical change.

Change is the only constant thing, it is a reality, manifesting in daily practices that we are required to deal with. Realizing change is one aspect, but adaptation to change is an inevitable happening, and failing to do so can only lead to a slow death. This is not only business practice, it’s a Darwinian theory of natural development, where creatures, which over time became stubborn or refuse to change in order to adapt to the new environments, become extinct, no matter how big or
                         strong they are.In the pharma industry, the environment around us is continuously changing rapidly. Sometimes we – the
                         industry – in part drive this external change however external uncontrollable factors derive most of this change. The
                         awareness that we are operating in a 3D ecosystem allows us to anticipate the new challenges and opportunities ahead,
                         and to prepare our systems and structure to capitalize on them.
                         The presentation gives top line highlights about the changes and some practical answers / tips to dealing with these
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