Entitled (Survey Research), a training course for a number of employees of the Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC)
07 August 2022

​The activities of the training course (survey research), which lasted for four days, were launched last Sunday at the headquarters of the Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting “GOIC” with the participation of a number of employees of the organization.

The course aimed to provide participants with an adequate idea of ​​the steps and stages of survey research, as it addressed the definition of scientific research and its types, methods of data collection and analysis, tools used for data collection, sample design and types, writing scientific research reports and the final results of the research.

During the course, participants were trained on the various techniques used in scientific research procedures, including training on questionnaire and the types of questions it contains, in addition to data analysis in descriptive and inferential statistics, how to work on conducting analysis and developing explanatory tables, what are the types of samples and the basis for selecting them, as well as applying analysis to Available data

The organization of the course comes within the plan of the training programs developed by the organization as part of its endeavor towards capacity building and skills development among the various employees in the organization. The training course was presented by Dr. Al-Mughirah Fadl, a specialist in the field of survey research

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