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Training workshop on the implementation plan for the preparation of the Manufacturing Industry Strategy for the State of Qatar (2023-2022)
17 March 2022

In cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in the State of Qatar

The Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting held a training workshop on the project of the manufacturing strategy for the State of Qatar (2023-2027) on Monday and Tuesday, corresponding to the fourteenth and fifteenth of this month, at the organization's headquarters, with the participation of a number of employees of the Industrial Development Department of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The workshop aimed to familiarize the work team with the tools used in strategic planning and to discuss the implementation plan related to the completion of the project.

The training workshop was opened by His Excellency Dr. Ali bin Hamed Al Mulla, Director of the Industrial Projects Sector Department of the Organization, and a group of specialized experts from the relevant departments of the Organization participated in the presentation.

The training workshop dealt with introducing two main axes: project management and strategic planning based on results. The first axis focused on the stages of project management, the project life cycle, how to manage stakeholders, determining the scope of work, financial cost and implementation schedule, in addition to introducing how to manage quality, identify risks and how to deal with them. . The second axis dealt with strategic planning based on results, including analysis of the current situation, determining final and intermediate results, setting measurable goals, and how to develop initiatives and projects that contribute to achieving the goals.

The Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) is the first Gulf expert house specialized in providing industrial consultancy services in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. The activities of the industrial sectors targeted in the future for member states by offering industrial investment opportunities and providing updated information and reports in the field of industry and industrial economy and marketing them. The Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) works on serving clients and providing them with highly professional services and value-added research, in addition to information Consultations on industrial and economic development issues in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and the Republic of Yemen, which clients consider a unique service.

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