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GOIC participates in the 24th edition of the World Energy Congress
09 September 2019

GOIC is participating in the Exhibition accompanying the 24th edition of the World Energy Congress which is held from 9-12 September 2019, this participation is very important to highlight the role GOIC plays in the Gulf region as a consultancy house established in 1976 to provide consultancy services to support the growth in the industrial sector, knowledge based economy, environmental economy, and to study market needs in both public and private sectors.

Primary energy consumption in the region is witnessing a significant increase in demand due to the rapid growth in population, expansion of high-energy industries and increased demand for natural gas in power plants. Within this framework, GOIC has prepared a presentation on the use of energy in the GCC countries to provide a brief overview of the optimal use of energy, by highlighting the GCC countries’ experiences in the use and rationalization of energy, including renewable energy, and the distribution of oil and gas reserves globally and GCC countries share of it, in addition to the electricity generation capacity and the distribution of renewable energy production in the GCC countries by country. The presentation also included the capacity of renewable energy in 2018 in the member states, and renewable energy plans and strategies. And the estimated energies in 2030.


The presentation also included some statistics on the consumption of electrical energy and refined petroleum products in the GCC as a whole unit, and country wise, it also showed comparisons between those countries in terms of consumption distribution, the presentation also shed light on the futuristic solutions to raise the awareness of the importance of rationalization energy consumption, and the methods to achieve this purpose in the GCC countries. 


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