GOIC inaugurates the Qatari-Omani joint entrepreneurs meeting in Doha
15 April 2018

​Under the patronage of Qatar’s Minister of Energy and Industry
GOIC inaugurates the Qatari-Omani joint entrepreneurs meeting in Doha

Under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Bin Saleh Al-Sada, Qatar’s Minister of Energy and Industry, the Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) inaugurated “The Qatari-Omani joint entrepreneurs meeting” in collaboration with Modern Talent, a Omani-based company that specialises in organising events and conferences, at the Four Seasons Hotel, Doha on Wednesday, April 11, 2018. 
A large group of businesspersons, investors, representatives of public and private sectors and business entrepreneurs partook in the meeting from Oman, Qatar and other Arab countries.
The opening session started with recitation from the Holy Quran, followed by a keynote speech delivered by Engineer Youssef Al-Emadi, Director of the Industrial Zones Department at the Ministry of Energy and Industry on behalf of His Excellency the Minister Dr. Mohammed Bin Saleh Al-Sada. In his address, His Excellency welcomed the Omani delegation in their second home, Qatar. “The joint Qatari-Omani entrepreneurs’ meeting is an important event, and it is a great pleasure to meet this esteemed gathering of ladies and gentlemen from Qatar and Oman, entrepreneurs interested in promoting cooperation and communication between the two countries having the Gulf’s interest in mind”, he said.
Engineer Al-Emadi added: “Joint investments between the State and the Sultanate increased in the last period of time, so did trade exchange. In fact, the value of joint investments was estimated at more than 5.5 billion Qatari Riyals, including Omani investments in Qatar worth 427 million Qatari Riyals. These investments included importing food products and construction materials to Qatar. In addition, businesspersons from the two countries discussed plans to establish factories in Qatar, notably a water bottling plant that will start manufacturing soon.”
He highlighted that Qatari investments in Oman were in the fields of telecommunications, electricity, cars assembly, food products and tourism. He projected an increase in trade value between the two countries with the increasing imports from the Sultanate. He noted that trade exchange doubled since the inauguration of the two direct sea routes between Hamad Port and Sohar and Salalah ports. 
Engineer Al-Emadi said: “We therefore think that good days are coming. In fact, these mutual meetings and visits between businesspersons from the two countries reflect the high level of productive cooperation and determination to stimulate the Gulf economy.”
“Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry published a report on private sector foreign trade. In this report, Oman was ranked first on the list of countries importing non-oil exports from Qatar in June 2017, valued at 297 million Qatari Riyals, or 37% of the total non-oil exports of the State of Qatar in June”, he said. Mr. Al-Emadi added: “Qatari private sector investments in Oman were valued at 727 million Qatari Riyals, to include investments in 148 companies, while Qatari government investments in Oman were valued at more than four billion USD. There are also 115 Omani businesses investing in fully-owned companies in Qatar, and 106 joint Qatari-Omani companies with a total capital of approximately 427.4 million Qatari Riyals.”

Mr. Fahad Rashed Al-Kaabi, CEO of Qatari Economic Zones Company (Manateq), then delivered a speech in which he welcomed participants, particularly Omani visitors, and thanked Qatar’s Ministry of Energy and Industry, the Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) and Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry for organising this important event.
Mr. Al-Kaabi expressed his belief that this meeting is held in a timely manner, as economic relations between the two countries are developing. He hoped to see even bigger cooperation in various areas such as investments in the sectors of industry, transport, food security and more.
Mr. Al-Kaabi highlighted a number of key points reflecting the continuous development of Qatari-Omani relations like the increasing trade exchange between the two countries valued at three billion Qatari Riyals in 2017, the announcement by Qatar Ports Management Company regarding the inauguration of two direct sea routes between Hamad Port in Qatar and Sohar and Salalah ports in Oman, Qatar Airways’ increasing flights between the airports of Doha and Sohar, Omani SalamAir flights to Doha and Qatar’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry receiving daily visits from Omani businesspersons and companies. He said: “We need to preserve and promote these relations to achieve growth and development in both countries.”
The CEO of Manateq also said: “Our gathering here today highlights several investment opportunities between the two countries. We welcome new ideas in the field of industry, technology and telecommunications, hospitals management, food products, agriculture, livestock and others. In addition to that, the education sector is undoubtedly one of the most important sectors, and I would like to thank the government for its efforts to attract international universities to the State of Qatar. In this regard, we can work together to promote student exchange programs and provide our entrepreneurs and future leaders with necessary tools, knowledge and practical training.”
Mr. Al-Kaabi stressed that Manateq manages industrial, logistics and warehousing parks and builds necessary infrastructure in accordance with the highest global standards to contribute to the growth of the sectors of industry and services. “Manateq’s objective is to contribute to achieving economic development goals, one of QNV 2030’s four key pillars. And since we seek to develop an active private sector and a diversified economy, we support all projects encouraging private sector ventures, notably SMEs, to diversify industries, stimulate new exports and manufacture locally”, he said. 
On behalf of Manateq, Mr. Al-Kaabi welcomed any form of cooperation with Omani investors to guarantee mutual benefits and achieve self-sufficiency in both countries at a later stage. Manateq’s CEO concluded by wishing participants great success and hoping to promote economic relations, establish partnerships between businesspersons, increase trade exchange and offer solutions to overcome challenges in the State of Qatar and the Sultanate of Oman. 

HE Mr. Shamlan H O Al-Jeheidli, GOIC Assistant Secretary General for Industrial Information and Studies, then delivered a speech on behalf of HE Mr. Abdulaziz Bin Hamad Al-Ageel, GOIC Secretary General, in which he said: “Trade exchange between Qatar and Oman increased in the last period, with experts expecting a jump from three to six billion Qatari Riyals in trade volume, particularly with the increasing Omani exports to Qatar in the areas of food products, building materials and several other primary materials. Therefore, GOIC decided to collaborate with Modern Talent to bring together elite businesspersons and investors from Qatar and Oman in an effort to strengthen cooperation and promote industrial and commercial partnerships to contribute to economic development in the two countries.”
Mr. Al-Jeheidli added: “GOIC’s organisation of the Qatar-Omani entrepreneurs meeting is yet another effort to promote the industrial sector and stimulate economic development through industrial and commercial cooperation and coordination between GCC countries. This endeavour is in line with the directives of their Majesties and Highnesses, the leaders of GCC countries, to promote joint economic ventures.”
The Assistant Secretary General stressed that “by organising this meeting, GOIC’s key objective was to introduce the various characteristics and scopes of investment opportunities in Qatar and Oman to help young entrepreneurs innovate and boost all forms of investments. In addition to that, the meeting aims to benefit from the unlimited human and natural capabilities, to promote economic relations in various fields and to encourage partnerships between factory owners and experts in both countries. Moreover, the meeting will facilitate investments in the two countries for Qatari and Omani investors.”
His Excellency added: “Over the last 40 decades, GOIC introduced several promising industrial investment opportunities in member states. And today, the Organization, strong in its belief in the importance of its role in the fields of consulting services, researches and studies, decided to include investment opportunities prepared by GOIC experts for this meeting. Thus, manufacturing companies, businesspersons and potential investors will be able to examine these opportunities and hopefully implement them, hence stimulating economic development.”
Mr. Al-Jeheidli stated: “During this meeting, GOIC will introduce 15 industrial investment opportunities in the fields of inorganic compounds, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, plastic and rubber, manufactured products and machinery and equipment. In details, five opportunities will be in the areas of plastic, manufactured metals and inorganic compounds as follows: plastic box making, aluminium extrusion, chemical silicon dioxide, plastic bottles and cans and plastic caps and plugs. Furthermore, there will be 10 investment opportunities in the fields of medical supplies as follows: medical injections, medical gloves, dressings, medical cotton, suture kits, micro-medical tubes, hospital furniture, surgical tables, x-ray machines and ultrasounds.” 
His Excellency added: “This meeting will focus on critical economic sectors, notably heavy industries, logistics and tourism, technology and software, real estate, hospitals management, gas and its derivatives, pharmaceutical industry, food products, agriculture and livestock. It will include technical papers, consultations and deliberations, signing agreements, field visits to industrial areas and sightseeing to discover Qatar’s main attractions.”
To conclude, Mr. Al-Jeheidli wished participants great success and hoped this meeting would help stimulate the Gulf industrial sector and its projects and promote relations between Gulf countries to achieve the desired integration in the Gulf’s best interests. He hoped that the meeting would achieve its objectives and come up with recommendations promoting the promising industrial sector in the Gulf.”

Modern Talent
Mrs. Amina Bent Khadem Bin Saeed Al-Awadi, CEO of Modern Talent, then delivered a speech in which she said: “This meeting is a great opportunity to benefit from the expertise of experts, meet investors, shape commercial partnerships and get to know Qatar’s industrial areas and attractions, thus discovering investment opportunities in the State of Qatar. It is an opportunity to meet stakeholders in the fields of logistics, industry, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and others, to know more about investment opportunities in the two countries to support economic development and promote diversification and innovation.”
Mrs. Al-Awadi concluded: “I hope this meeting will bring together investors, businesspersons and entrepreneurs to strengthen the economy of Oman and Qatar and promote relations between the two countries. 

Film & honouring
Later, participants watched a film about the “Qatari-Omani joint entrepreneurs meeting” prepared by Modern Talent and directed by Ahmed Eidid from Oman. Sponsors of the event were then honoured, they were as follows: Manateq, economic partner; Al-Riada, gold sponsor; Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Company (QIMC), silver sponsor; Al-Sharq Newspaper, media partner; and Al-Roya’s Newspaper, media sponsor. Speakers, panellists, chairpersons and participants were also honoured. 

Sessions discussing Qatari-Omani economic relations, visions and prospects were chaired by His Excellency Mr. Shamlan H O Al-Jeheidli, GOIC Assistant Secretary General for Industrial Information and Studies, with the participation of Mrs. Ibtisam Bent Mohammed Al-Olwiya, Assistant to the Director of the Development Department at Oman’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Mohammed Bin Rashed Al-Maktumi, Director of the Department of International Cooperation and Relations with the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (PEIE) in Oman,  and Mr. Hamad Jarallah Al-Marri, Head of Projects Affairs at Manateq.  Moreover, Mr. Haidar Bin Abdulreda Al-Lawati, Omani researcher and economic analyst, presented a paper entitled “Commercial Negotiations and their Impact on Arab Investments”. 
Later, Engineer Youssef Al-Emadi, Director of the Industrial Zones Department at the Ministry of Energy and Industry in Qatar, chaired the first session on the role of public and private entities in supporting business entrepreneurship, with the participation of Engineer Yousuf Bin Ali Al-Harthy, CEO of the Oman Technology Fund (OTF), Mrs. Aisha Bint Khalifa Al-Rumeihi, Director of Business Development at Qatar Business Incubation Center and Engineer Atba Bin Abdullah Al-Harmali, Director of Training at the SME Development Fund (SMEF) in Oman.
The second session tackled food security and national economy stability. Mr. Mohammed Ahmad Tawar Al-Kuwari chaired the session with the participation of Engineer Saleh Bin Mohammed Al-Shanfari, CEO of Oman Food Investment Holding Co (OFIC), Dr. Hareb Bin Mohammed Al-Jaber, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Development in the State of Qatar, Mrs. Sarah Bint Mohammed Al-Malki, agricultural economy researcher at Qatar’s Ministry of Municipality and Environment.  
As to the third session, it was on investment opportunities and the promotion of economic diversification. The session was chaired by Mr. Jassim Bin Salem Al-Alawi, Director of the Joint Gulf Market Department at the Secretariat General of the Gulf Cooperation Council, with the participation of Dr. Basel Shadid, Director of the Industrial Investments Department at GOIC, Engineer Hussein Bin Hathith Al-Bathari, Chairperson of Al-Bahihi International Company in Oman, Mr. Ahmad Musalim Kashoub, Manager of External Affairs at Salalah Methanol Company and Engineer Suleiman Al-Balushi, engineering consultant at GOIC’s Industrial Investment Department. 
Lunch was then held in honour of the participants before they partook in a sightseeing tour in the State of Qatar. 

The Qatari-Omani Joint Entrepreneurs Meeting
This meeting taking place at the Four Seasons Hotel, Doha, for two days aims at promoting investment opportunities in the two countries, encouraging partnerships between businesspersons to stimulate trade exchange and economic development, introduce investment opportunities in the field of technology and telecommunications and strengthen economic relations between the two countries to promote innovation among the youth. 
The joint business meeting also aims at facilitating investments for Qatari and Omani businessmen in the two countries and encouraging industrial and commercial partnerships to contribute to economic development in Qatar and Oman. It introduces various investment opportunities and encourages partnerships between factory owners and experts in Qatar and Oman to boost economic development and increase trade exchange between the two countries. In addition to that, it offers a platform for entrepreneurs, particularly the youth, to meet and innovate, benefiting from the endless human and natural capabilities in both countries. It will also allow participants to visit several cities like Al-Khor and Ras Lafan to discover Qatar and know more about its history. 

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