Gulf Profile 2016 - Cover

Gulf statistical profile 2016: latest reports issued by the "Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting" (GOIC) in Arabic and English
28 September 2017

It includes current and documented Economic and social indicators

The "Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting" (GOIC) released the new annual issue of the "Gulf statistical profile 2016". It is considered as one of the most important source of information in the region and is available in Arabic and English. This profile is gaining more importance among public and private officials, experts and researchers in the field of industrial and economic development in the GCC.
H.E Abdulaziz Bin Hamad Al-Aqeel, Secretary General of the Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting, said that "GOIC has released numerous specialized files and reports" and that the "Gulf statistical profile 2016" is considered as a reference for current and documented social and economic data and indicators in the GCC countries. In fact, this profile selected Economic and Social Indicators for 2015. It also includes Foreign Trade Statistics, which contain total exports and imports classified by SITC code, country, and country groups. In addition to that, it contains Energy and Industry Statistics, including tables about oil and gas reserves, production, exports and consumption and well as electricity consumption. It also has a section on Industry and includes data extracted from the GID database in addition to the water consumption in GCC countries. Gulf statistical profile 2016 also comprises important data about Population and Labor Force in each country, in addition to various social data including transportation, health and education in the gulf.
GOIC relies on a number of its specialized databases to provide data such as the socio-economic database and the Gulf industries database. These databases are constantly updated based on data received from direct industrial establishments, national statistical divisions and statistical publications of the United Nations and other regional and international organizations
The electronic version is available on the gulf industrial knowledge center website (GIKC), where you can read a summary of it and buy the full version. GIKC website is available in Arabic and English. It has been designed as a portal to all industrial information in the Gulf region. The website provides a unique set of GOIC's outputs from various industrial studies and industrial investment opportunities, to new reports about several industrial sectors.
Visit the website to check the reports, buy them and download the free versions.

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