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GOIC is conducting a training course on the Common Industrial Regulatory Law of the GCC countries
14 August 2016

A training program aiming at fostering human capacities in the Gulf

“The Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting” (GOIC), is organizing a training course titled “The Common Industrial Regulatory Law of the GCC countries” in the organization headquarter in Doha, from the 25th to the 27th September 2016.
The objective of this training course is to shed light on the importance of the Common Industrial Regulatory Law of the GCC countries for the industrial sector in the Gulf countries. This training will also tackle the general principles and objectives relating to the implementation of this law and identify the industrial projects covered by the law and those exempted from it. Furthermore, the training will explain the provision and executive regulations of the law and how to monitor, identify and prove various crimes, in addition to the relevant penalties.

This course is geared to provide training to the individuals working in the departments and ministries of industry and trade in the Gulf and to the organizations and bodies operating in the energy and trade sectors, as well as the industrial cities in various gulf countries. This course is also designed  to those working in the department of legal affairs in the public and private sectors facilities and law firms.

Various training courses

GOIC will conduct a number of training courses during the last quarter of 2016 aiming at fostering and developing  the skills of the individuals working in the trade sector. The goal is to help them to keep abreast of  the latest developments and advances in this vital sector.
The Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) offers a number of training workshops to concerned parties according their needs in various fields through its Training and Capacity Development Program (TCD). GOIC aims at improving individual and organisational capacities in the industrial sector in GCC countries and Yemen. You can register to attend any workshop by visiting the Organization’s website or via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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