GOIC organises a training workshop on the systemic and economic aspects of anti-dumping
08 May 2016

The Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) holds a workshop entitled “Systemic and Economic Aspects of Anti-Dumping (How to protect your Enterprise from Dumping)” at its headquarters in Doha, Qatar from the 15th till the 17th of May 2016.

This workshop aims at explaining systemic and economic aspects to combat dumping that affects strategic industrial goods in the Arabian Gulf. It focuses on indicators and tools to detect dumping and their capacity to identify challenges that the industrial sector faces.

The training has a set of objectives, notably discussing the concept of dumping according to international definitions as recognised by the World Trade Organization (WTO), determining protection levels of national industries in accordance with international treaties, identifying dumping indicators in the GCC markets and tackling potential dumping issues that Gulf industries might face. The workshop also highlights anti-dumping measures by detailing specific global case studies to determine the methods that are in line with commercial policies in GCC countries. It underlines the role of the Anti-Dumping Technical Secretariat of the GCC Secretariat-General and applicable national measures that are currently adopted by anti-dumping institutions. The workshop also explains key steps to combat dumping in Gulf markets.

In details, the training workshop will introduce the concept of dumping, indicators to identify it, applications of potential industrial dumping in the Gulf, key obstacles and challenges in light of the objectives of the GCC economic agreement that include tools to achieve the desired economic integration and to protect Gulf economies from harmful practices in international trade. Participants will partake in roundtable discussions to exchange information and data and train on analytical tools aiming at reducing the impact of dumping and suggestions to prevent dumping from hitting Gulf markets.
This workshop is designed for the staff of the Anti-Dumping Technical Secretariat at the GCC Secretariat-General, business and financing institutions operating in the industrial sector in member countries, boards and businessmen and businesswomen of GCC chambers of commerce and industry, legal affairs departments of public and private sector’s enterprises, export and import departments of public and private enterprises, consulting services offices offering consultations to industrial and commercial enterprises, law firms, diplomatic corps and representative offices.
GOIC offers this course under the 2016 Training and Capacity Development Program that includes a series of workshops aiming at building and developing the skills of industrial staff to help them keep up with developments in this vital sector.

The training will be delivered by Mr. Karim Al-Toumi, expert in international trade law. Mr. Al-Toumi works at the Ministry of Economy of the United Arab Emirates since 2010, where he oversees the anti-dumping department, legal and technical actions in more than 30 anti-dumping investigations, support and protection of the UAE factories, along with follow-up of various legal aspects relating to industrial affairs in light of WTO agreements.

The Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) offers a number of training workshops to concerned parties according their needs in various fields through its Training and Capacity Development Program (TCD). GOIC aims at improving individual and organisational capacities in the industrial sector in GCC countries and Yemen. You can register to attend any workshop by visiting the Organization’s website or via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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