GOIC organizes the IMI Plus Workshop
27 June 2013-14 July 2013
Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) - Qatar

Introducing industrial market information in GCC countries and Yemen
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The Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) will hold a workshop about the Industrial Market Intelligence Portal (IMI Plus) on Thursday, June 27, 2013 at the Organization’s headquarters in Doha, Qatar. It will be free-of-charge and target decision makers, investors, industrialists and economic analysts.

The workshop will first start with a presentation about the IMI Plus and its uses. In fact, this Portal includes information about nearly 22000 factories all over GCC countries and Yemen, with a total investment worth more than 326 billion USD and a labour force of more than 1300000 workers. It provides stakeholders and decision makers with priceless accurate and updated data, statistics and certified governmental data about the industrial and socio-economic sectors in the region. GOIC Industrial Information Department’s experts collect, collate and analyse the information, granting access to one of the most comprehensive, reliable and unique databases in the Gulf.
Moreover, this database is considered a valuable source of information for investors, industrialists and analysts who want to carry out informed researches, product market studies and feasibility studies. Based on this database, they can also target new customers, take sound commercial decisions and seek new industrial investment opportunities since it offers approximately 350 industrial investment opportunities. In addition to that, the IMI Plus provides detailed data about foreign industries and trade, and more than 400 industrial and socio-economic indicators in a matrix for the seven member states. It also allows determining the market size for a specific product, identifying commercial exchange between GCC countries and other countries all over the globe or according to country group classification and determining the trade balance between any GCC country and foreign countries. Furthermore, the IMI Plus features data about imports and exports, net imports, design capacities and market size for more than 4000 goods according to the international classification.
In addition, the Portal allows
users to know the names of factories and the size of their investments and their labour force according to the industrial activities in each country.
Furthermore, the workshop will introduce reports allowing a flexible search using the following search elements: State, city, industrial activities, products, raw material and investment opportunities.

Participants will also attend a presentation about the “control panel” that exposes and compares foreign trade data, socio-economic data and petrochemical sector data. This panel allows exposing and comparing information and controlling outputs, which facilitates decision makers’ tasks. In addition, the “explorer” option will be introduced: it allows writing industrial, trade and economic reports based on the main databases in order to fulfil decision makers’ needs.

The workshop will be delivered by GOIC experts from the Industrial Information Department. You can register online on:, on the following email address: or by phone: 44831251 or fax: 44858720.

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