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GOIC’s information unit employs latest techniques, hardware and software to maintain and display data and information. It grants beneficiaries access to data and information through books, reports, directories and industrial profiles. Furthermore, it provides integrated information services to GOIC’s staff and other recipients by responding to their inquiries and providing them with required data and information. It also provides users with accurate, updated and certified industrial, economic and social data about GCC countries through the IMI plus Portal. This process further highlights GOIC’s role in supporting industrial development in the region. For more information click here


The Industrial Information Department has developed its databases in order to keep up with economic developments in the region and all over the world. These databases include several options for research and inquiry, printing reports and issuing directories.

These databases are:  

The Gulf Industries Database (GID)

This database is considered one of the main pillars for market studies, project feasibility and investment-related decision making. It includes data on nearly 15000 industrial facilities operating in GCC countries. The data classification is according to the International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC) of all economic activities. Industrial products are classified in accordance with the Harmonized System (HS) Code.

The database includes: Factory name and address, website, industrial products, design capacities, actual production quantities, raw material used, energy, fuel and size of investment and workforce. The database also encompasses data about industrial licenses of firms that are yet to start the production process.

 The Socio-Economic Database

This database includes a wide and diverse range of information and is considered part of the reference material used to prepare economic studies (comprehensive and sectorial). It encompasses a wide range of statistical data and tables forming a timeline that reflects GCC economic and social environment. In fact, this database contains more than 400 statistical tables with data about: population, national accounts, foreign trade, industries and their structural distribution, oil and gas, water and electricity, agriculture, transportation, health and education and various other data.

The Foreign Trade Database

This database is among the main pillars for carrying out market studies, estimating the size of demand and analysing foreign markets. It contains detailed data about the quantities and values of goods and information regarding imports, exports and re-exports between GCC countries and the rest of the world.

Investment Opportunities Database

This database features summarized information in Arabic and English about industrial investment opportunity profiles in GCC countries prepared by GOIC.

Data Sources

There are many sources for data update, mainly:

  • Member countries’ ministries of industry provide information about licensed operating factories.

  • Annual industrial surveys conducted by GOIC; forms are sent to factories in order to update their data.

  • GOIC experts.

  • Annual reports of companies.

  • Central bureaus of statistics provide foreign trade, economic and social data.

  • Various reliable sources when official data are unavailable

Products & Services:

2- Data Collection & Processing.
3- Responding to inquiries.
4- Industrial surveys.
5- Workshops and training.
6- Gulf Statistical Profile.
7- Industrial directories.
8- Publications.

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