Research and Statistics


Includes activity "GOIC" in the field of research and statistics are a variety of statistical information mission on the economy and industry in the GCC countries and the Republic of Yemen, are set up indicators and time series of statistical data Industrial useful and accessible to businessmen and industrialists, researchers and decision-makers in these countries, which include as follows:

1 - industrial indicators - economic - social selection:

Includes information and statistical analyzes updated great importance in the preparation of studies, research and economic reports such as data on: population, population density, industrial employment, GDP, per capita income, manufacturing output, labor productivity in the industry, reserves, production and revenues of oil and gas, Foreign trade data and installed, the balance of trade and balance of payments, ​​income and expenditure, industrial loans, cognitive indicators (phones, PCs, Internet users) and others.

2 - Industrial incentives:

Include the latest data and information that reflect the reality of the investment environment in the Gulf region, which are extremely important for both industrial and investor. Rates include basic services available to the industrial sector in the GCC countries are priced in U.S. dollars and local currencies, which include the price of water, electricity, gas, gasoline, kerosene and diesel, also includes rents land in various industrial areas, in addition to banking facilities, and customs exemptions and others.

3 - Current Awareness Service:

Aims to provide data and information industrial quality useful for researchers and industrialists and decision makers in the GCC, tailored statistical reports industrial incomplete addresses each sub-sectors of manufacturing the following key:

The food industry and beverage
Petrochemical Industries
The building materials sector
Metallurgical sector

Each report on a wide range of data and information and statistical indicators for each product, extends for five years include: production and capacity, and the quantities of imports and exports, apparent consumption, as well as the expected consumption, in addition to a range of data and supporting information such as: architecture of each industry, and new projects
implemented in the GCC countries, and investment opportunities prepared by the organization, and the techniques used in these other industries.


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