Excellent team of local, regional & international experts at GOIC has developed and bring out a broad range of fastidious and specialized publications in forms of Reports identifying investment opportunities in the GCC states & Yemen for manufacturing sectors, Sector & Multi- client Studies, periodicals Bulletins, Gulf Statistical Profiles, and analytical & statistical informative Books on important sectors of industry.

Our publications are supplied to the public and private industrial and economic sectors, and intended to create social awareness and disseminate information concerning the industry development in the GCC States and the Republic of Yemen.

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GOIC Annual Reports

GOIC activities from year to year

You are welcome to download GOIC’s previous annual reports. In addition to detailed information on the operations of the organization, these reports are also a good source for some essential high-level information about the member states. To view more 


Energy Efficiency Guidebook

GOIC is pleased to bring you this guidebook about Energy Efficiency for industries in the GCC . The guidebook provides simple steps to assess energy efficiency potential , energy audit guidelines, types of audits and tips for energy efficiency and conservation for selected electrical equipment, thermal utilities, and buildings.



Pre-feasibility studies

The second step towards a new venture

Based on the MIOP Profiles, the next step is to conduct in-depth market study, select potential technology and technical partners and prepare the pre-feasibility study for the project to determine the viability and techno-economic parameters with greater accuracy. This enables the investor to take a firm decision for going ahead with the project.

Pre-feasibility studies often lay the groundwork for more detailed feasibility studies for project implementation. To view more details & purchase online


Multi-client studies

A starting point for new ideas

GOIC regularly conducts sector and multi-client studies across various industrial sectors that cover a broad range of subject matter pertaining to that particular industrial sector. The main objective of the multi-client studies is to deliver indicative investment opportunities in the sector. These are comprehensive studies and highly sought after by companies operating in the respective target sectors owing to the relevance of the information and the analysis presented in these studies.

Multi-client studies are often a launch pad for new project ideas or more focused feasibility studies as a logical next step. To view more details & purchase online


The Industrial Cooperation in the Arabian Gulf Journal

 The Industrial Cooperation in the Arabian Gulf Journal is a quarterly periodical issued by the Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC). It features articles about GCC industrial and economic trends and new technique applications. The journal also tackles different economic topics including brief and in-depth analyses concerning the current economic and industrial situation. Furthermore, the journal includes reports about the industrial sector in the Gulf and challenges to new industries in particular. In addition to that, it features summaries about relevant industrial, economic and financial topics and articles regarding the current industrial environment, industrial statistics, industrial data and information techniques, forecasts, industrial management and other relevant topics.

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Flow Bulletin is a periodical issued by the Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC). Due to its paperless environment, it is emailed electronically to subscribers, and is available at GOIC’s site . Flow publishes bilingual articles on industrial and economic trends of GCC countries and Yemen, and global applications of state-of-the-art technology. Viewpoints contained in the articles represent those of the writers and not necessarily those of GOIC or its staff. All correspondences are performed electronically.

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