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An unmatched range of business solutions

The Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) is the unique source of commercial and socio-economic information and data about Gulf markets. It works closely with clients to help them make smart decisions in a timely manner and to provide them with valuable information about key decision makers in the region. In addition, GOIC actively assists clients to secure useful strategic alliances between the public and private sectors and to achieve other competitive advantages.

GOIC offers insights in the following areas:

Market conditions and future trends
Demographic and economic data
Social, regulatory and legal data
New industrial investment opportunities
Potential suppliers and commercial partners

The Organization also provides comprehensive business consultancy solutions such as:

Identifying new opportunities in the GCC industrial sector
Creating subcontracting opportunities by bringing together complementary firms
Supporting SMEs to achieve high productivity, reduce waste and prevent pollution
Providing in-depth industrial information about the six member states and Yemen in a single matrix
Carrying out training courses, seminars and workshops for industrialists, governmental agencies, investors and industry experts
Preparing pre-feasibility and feasibility studies and industrial reports for new project ideas


What makes GOIC the best?

The Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting has brought together international experts in the areas of economics, financing, law, industries and knowledge management. This team is in charge of collecting, integrating and analysing GCC industrial and socio-economic information to provide clients with fully useful information. Clients are regularly updated through the Organization’s website, the IMI Plus and periodic studies, reports and updates. Furthermore, GOIC organizes meetings between in-house and visiting experts and other meetings with academics and decision makers who contribute to industrial seminars, workshops and conferences across the region. This grouping of the finest minds in different fields makes GOIC a unique source of information in the region.

The Programs

Helping clients make smarter choices

GOIC has developed a series of specialized programs to help clients make well informed decisions by facilitating the transfer of up-to-date industrial knowledge and news such as:

The Manufacturing Investment Opportunities Program (MIOP)

The Industrial Studies and Policies Program (ISP)

The GCC Subcontracting and Partnership Exchange Network (GSPX)

The Industrial Technical Assistance Program (ITA)

The Industrial Market Intelligence Portal (IMI)

The Training and Capacity Development Program (TCD) 

 Information Resources (IR) 


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