Manufacturing Investment Opportunities (MIOP)

MIOP Programs:

The objective of the MIOP centers on the identification of manufacturing investment opportunities. It is one of the major GOIC Programs and since 1986 it promoted more than 400 manufacturing opportunities.
Under this program, GOIC conducts studies to identify opportunities that can be promoted in GCC countries and Yemen based on demand and supply analysis and the latest technologies that address clean manufacturing practices and produce value added products utilizing existing GCC resources. Investment opportunities are identified and promoted in close collaboration with the private and public sector investors and latest technology suppliers.

Market Studies:

GOIC carries out market studies and prepares reports based on desk studies or field surveys or both.
Pre-feasibility and full feasibility studies:
Under this program, GOIC carries out pre-feasibility or full-feasibility studies on specific manufacturing opportunities. The objective of such studies is determining the viability of a certain project to the investor. In this context, GOIC has taken the initiative of conducting a number of pre-feasibility studies for several projects in different industrial sub-sectors that are considered of high significance in GCC countries.

Bankable Studies:

Under the Industrial Projects Sector, GOIC conducts bankable studies designed to secure industrial loans from an industrial development bank or any other financial institution in the Gulf. These studies are carried out according to clients’ requests; they follow the guidelines of financing institutions for financing manufacturing projects.

Industrial Sensing:

These market-based consulting services investigate a particular sector or specific product or group of products to identify manufacturing opportunities. These services also include studying and delivering presentations about developments in terms of product applications, production technologies and economic viability.
These activities make GOIC a major player in the region. The Organization has prepared reports for several countries and major investment groups in the region.

Multi-Client Studies:

These are client-based services aiming at delivering indicative investment opportunities in the respective sector. These services are offered to specific groups of clients that may subscribe to participate in the studies prior to the implementation phase.
So far, GOIC multi-clients studies have covered most of the major industrial sectors relevant to the Arabian Gulf such as Engineering Plastics, Automotive Industries, Stainless Steel Industry, Steel Rolling Mill Sector, Building Materials Industry, Adding Value to Methane and Outlook for Middle Eastern Petrochemical Industry.

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