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Since it was founded in 1976, GOIC Library is considered one of the top specialized libraries and information centres responsible for organizing and publishing information in the area of industrial and economic development in GCC countries.
The library keeps up with scientific and technological developments related to information systems and services. It is constantly developing its services to remain a reference material and research hub and to facilitate access to / retrieval of information using computers. It is connected to local and international networks and databases and other specialized information centres and libraries.

Sources of Information
The Library of Congress Classification (LCC) and the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules are used to classify more than 16000 books in Arabic and English available in this library.


The library includes more than 115 periodicals in Arabic and English ranked in alphabetical order, in addition to several other specialized electronic scientific periodicals.
Local and international databases
The library provides more than 18 specialized local and international databases.

Library Services

1- Reference Materials:

The library includes reference materials for all GOIC experts, researchers and beneficiaries, in addition to other beneficiaries in accordance with the rules and regulations.

2- Documents:

The library provides full copies of articles and reports published in local and international scientific journals. It also includes copies of papers delivered during conferences and seminars about different economic and industrial activities in GCC countries.
In addition to that, articles from periodicals that are unavailable within the library can be acquired from specialized GCC and international libraries.
3- The economic bulletin:

It is a series of carefully selected news from top news agencies, newspapers, journals and online news websites tackling different aspects of economic and industrial activities in GCC countries.
Therefore, experts, researchers and admin staff from GOIC and other institutions and organizations give particular attention to this bulletin in light of the valuable industrial and economic news and indicators it contains.
Furthermore, old news and information are included in a special archive.

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4- Gulf Events Database:

This database covers the most important upcoming industrial and business events in GCC countries.

5- Responding to inquiries:

This is a unique service that includes a series of information and data to respond to all inquiries from GOIC members or the local, regional and international industrial community.
The sources are local and international databases, GOIC studies and reports, and more than 15000 references, books, directories, reports and studies available within the library in addition to specialized scientific periodicals.

6- Lending

The library offers lending services to GOIC consultants, experts, researchers and employees in addition to other beneficiaries in accordance with the rules and regulations.
It also offers cooperative lending services allowing the exchange of lent materials between different libraries.

GOIC Contact Info:

Phone: +974 44 85 87 26
Fax: +974 44 85 87 10


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