Industrial Technical Assistance Program (ITA)

Comprehensive technical assessment and benchmarking for SMIs

What is it?

The ITA program is designed to increase the competitiveness of small and medium scale enterprises in GCC region through assessing production cost, product’s quality and environmental issues.


How it works

Upon request, a team of GOIC experts visits the client’s site to inspect the facility and its operations and to collect data regarding flow rates of all input and output materials and energy streams involved in the industrial process. Then the team of experts evaluates the data in great details to pinpoint potential savings and areas of improvement for the facility.

Based on the findings, a confidential report is prepared for the client detailing areas of improvement and recommendations for potential solutions along with the estimated cost reduction, performance enhancements and payback period.

Finally, a follow-up questionnaire is sent out to the client after two or three months to touch base on the progress and ensure follow through with the implementation.

Key benefits

• Cost effective way to measure performance and costs against industry
• Allows SMIs to implement best practices without requiring in-house
  programs and resources
• Increased savings in all areas lead to improved profitability
• Increased competitiveness for companies on the regional andinternational levels

To view the ITA program Brochure Click here

Energy Efficiency Guidebook

GOIC is pleased to bring you this guidebook about Energy Efficiency for industries in the GCC . The guidebook provides simple steps to assess energy efficiency potential , energy audit guidelines, types of audits and tips for energy efficiency and conservation for selected electrical equipment, thermal utilities, and buildings.



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