These data and information represent one of the main approaches to support industrial studies, completion of feasibility studies, economic research, preparation of investment opportunities profiles. Further, they play a vital role in the formulation of industrial policies and support of resolutions, thus making the information sector the cornerstone of GOIC’s activities. The Department of Industrial Information collects and disseminates data and information of vital importance to industrial development in the Member States, and provides integrated information services to GOIC’s technical departments, in addition to the governmental and private institutions and entities.
What is this about?
You send your inquiry about this databases :
  • The Gulf Industries Database.
  • The Socio-Economic Database.
  • The Foreign Trade Database.
  • Investment Opportunities Database.
  • Indexing and Abstracting Database (OSCAR).
  • Information Resources System Database.
Fees Structure
Depending on the size of the inquiry and time consuming.
Who can benefit?
Subscribers and non-subscribers can benefit from the Inquiry Service which provides valuable industrial and economic information

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