Gulf Statistical Profile
Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) publishing new edition of the “Gulf Statistical Profile” about all GCC, which is a detailed integrated and accurate book about the status and elements of the Socio economic environment of the region, presented in the form of updated statistical tables and indicators.
Statistical tables and indicators as follows:
  • Selected Economic and Social Indicators for the issue year.
  • National Account Statistics, which contains GDP, expenditure on GDP, Gross fixed Capital formation, government revenues and expenditure, commercial banks credit, and loans from Development banks and funds.
  • Foreign Trade Statistics between GCC and the world countries which contain information on total exports and imports classified by ISIC code, country and country groups.
  • Energy and Industry Statistics, (oil and gas reserves, production, exports and consumption, Industry in addition to water and electricity consumption in GCC countries.
  • Population and Labour force statistics, containing tables about population statistics , population distribution, population estimation up to 2050, life expectancies, infant mortalities rate, the labour force distribution, economic active population.
  • Selected statistics about transportation services, health services and education services.

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