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Since the beginning of the year 2012 and in continuation of GOIC’s approach to keep pace with the accelerated technical development and to lead and compete with similar institutions worldwide, GOIC has introduced the state-of-the-art technology to provide information data, statistics, knowledge, high quality research and advisory services. Its target audience includes decision-makers, industrialists, investors and businessmen in both the public and private sectors in the Member States. This Portal publishes accurate, current and up-to-date industrial, economic and social data of the seven countries and makes them accessible to end-users. This is to confirm GOIC’s role in supporting industrial development in the region.

Technology: GIG provides you :
  • A new technology to reach more than 100 reports using the latest techniques of Business Intelligence and retrieval of data from the latest industrial, commercial, social and economic databases in the Gulf States.
  • A wealth of data and research for industrialists, investors and analysts in both the public and private sectors in order to target new clients, to search for new opportunities for industrial investment and to perform feasibility studies.
Also with GIG you can:
  • In one site obtain the detailed data about the Industry, Trade and Economic data for six countries in GCC states on the form of a matrix to these countries.
  • Completion of feasibility studies using accurate and updated information.
  • Find promising investment opportunities in the Arab Gulf States.
  • Targeting new customers for your products and services.
  • Find size of the market for a particular product.
  • Find the trade between the GCC states and any country in the world or by groups of States.
  • Find the trends in exports and imports by commodity.
  • Find the balance of trade between any of the GCC State with the countries of the world
  • Find the imports and exports and net imports for each commodity at the level of 2 digits ,4 digits and six digit of harmonized code tariffs.
  • Find the design capacity for each commodity at the level of 2 digits ,4 digits and six digit of harmonized code tariffs.
  • Find the market size for each commodity at the level of 2 digits ,4 digits and six digit of harmonized code tariffs.
  • find the names of the factories the size of investments and the number of labor by industrial activity in each country.
  • Find the distribution of factories within the state according to the industrial cities and by industrial activity.
  • Find the design capacity of each products by industrial activity within the State.
  • Find the development of industrial activities in each country.
  • Find the products that are not manufactured in the GCC countries.
  • Access to the important economic and social indicators for each country In GCC.
  • Analysis for the foreign trade data for each state.
  • Analysis for the development of manufacturing in each country.
  • Find the geographical distribution of industry in each country.
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