GIG Portal
The GIG portal is GOIC’s comprehensive, subscription-based online information delivery tool. It is the first and only knowledge portal that puts accurate, updated and accredited industrial and socioeconomic data from seven countries at the user’s fingertips.
History & Background
By visiting the portal, subscribed users can access government-accredited statistics on industrial, economic and social parameters from the six GCC countries – all in one all-inclusive table. The vast bank of information is rendered navigable and intelligible through the tools listed below.
The Databases :
Gulf Industrial Database: A collection of more than 15,000 licensed, operational factories within the GCC and Yemen, classified by ISIC code for factories and HS for products.
Foreign Trade Database: Statistics on import, export and re-export of goods for the GCC region as a whole as well as the seven individual states in a time-series format.
Socio-Economic Database: A collection of 400 statistical tables covering country socio-economic indicators for individual GCC states and Yemen as well as a matrix for the region as one block.
Investment Opportunities Database: Industrial investment opportunities for a wide range of products as identified by GOIC.
Technology Provider Database: Names and contacts of new technologies on offer around the world in functional areas of interest to and as identified by GOIC.
GOIC has transferred its databases into a highly sophisticated and dynamic web site. The IMI Portal was established at the end of May 2004, and eventually it has been developed to GIG Portal to provide various features and characteristics .

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