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Production Management and Quality Control for Industrial SME
12 October 2015-14 October 2015

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The main objective of this training program is to identify ways and means to improve the managerial skills in industrial SME for production management and quality control practices in order to increase profits and/or decrease/eliminate costs or losses the plants. To achieve the training objectives, the productivity elements and quality dimensions will be discussed as well several cost and waste reduction strategies. Quality control and quality improvement techniques will be reviewed with focus to its relation to productivity.

The course will also introduce problem-solving tools and basic statistical concepts, process control and process capability plans, acceptance sampling, and attribute controls Course Topics

•Objectives of Production Management

•Objectives of Inventory Management

•Forecasting Demand and Lead Time •Control of Lead Time

•Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

•Just-In-Time (J.I.T.) Method

•Quality Definitions and Quality Dimensions

•TQM Approaches (Deming, Crosby, Juran, etc.)

•Continuous Improvement - KAIZEN

•Control Charts and Pareto Chart •Cause and Effect , How-How and Why-Why Diagrams

•Poka Yoke

•Quality Audits

•Production waste

•Lean Thinking and 5 S Program •Key Performance Indicators for industrial facilities.

Who Should Attend Production managers, engineers, quality control personnel, or those interested in production management and quality engineering profession such as:

 I.Lean Managers

II.Production Supervisors

III.Production Engineers

 IV.Quality Managers Requisites Familiar with industrial SME

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