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Applications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
08 November 2020-10 November 2020

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is digitizing and vertically integrating operations, from product development and purchasing, to manufacturing, logistics, and service delivery. All operations data, process efficiency, quality management, as well as process planning are available in real time for decision making, and optimized within an integrated network. As for horizontal integration, it extends beyond internal processes; From suppliers to customers and all value chain partners. It also includes all technologies ranging from trackers and tracing devices, to integrated real-time planning and execution. The applications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution include many industrial applications and provide huge opportunities to increase customer satisfaction by simplifying operations and increasing quality. It also creates new income streams and reduces production costs.

This program provides a description of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and discusses a range of industrial applications that will be affected by it, with a focus on the strategic industrial sectors in the Arab Gulf region in which the category of large companies, entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies operate. The program also addresses the applications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution related to government services that support the industry. .

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