The Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) was founded in 1976 by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states: The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait, and in 2009, Yemen joined the Organization.

Article I of the Establishment Agreement states that GOIC is a regional organization known as “The Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting” hereinafter referred to as “The Organization” and enjoys an international legal personality.

According to Article III of the Establishment Agreement, the Organization was founded to achieve industrial cooperation and coordination between member states. In order to do so, it collects and disseminates information about industrial development projects and policies. GOIC also offers specific suggestions aiming at establishing joint industrial projects between member states and delivers recommendations to reconcile industrial development projects. It coordinates and develops technical and economic cooperation between existing industrial institutions and others that are yet to be established. In addition to that, GOIC offers technical assistance in preparing and assessing industrial projects and puts together industrial sector-related data and studies.  

GOIC organizational chart includes the Board and the General Secretariat. The Board is formed by member state representatives appointed by their governments.

What did the Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC) offer to Gulf industries?

GOIC has held conferences and discussions aiming at setting the foundations for future potential projects and coordinating in the areas of commerce, research, economy and business. Moreover, GOIC has built joint alliances and agreements with several local, regional and international institutions from the public and private sectors. In this context, GOIC has organized 14 sessions of the Gulf Industrialists Conference aiming at paving the way for a bright industrial future in GCC countries and Yemen. 15th Gulf Industrialists Conference which will be held in Kuwait in 2015 . Furthermore, GOIC has continuously encouraged synergies and agreements between thousands of investors and businessmen in the region. It has also identified more than 400 new industrial opportunities in the region through the Manufacturing Investment Opportunities Program (MIOP). Moreover, the Organization published more than 380 industrial reports, 85 feasibility studies and 20 multi-client studies. It offered consulting services to more than 37 clients in GCC countries and organized dozens of forums and seminars to present new opportunities in the region. In addition, GOIC has held more than 1691 meetings between businessmen under the Gulf Subcontracting and Partnership Exchange (GSPX) Program. The Organization also presented data collected via its Industrial Market Intelligence (IMI) Portal, thus becoming a reliable source of information for thousands of investors and businessmen in the industrial sector. Additionally, GOIC has organized training sessions to help build the capacities of businessmen and SMEs to be up to the regional and international level of competitiveness. It supported building and developing the capacities of more than one thousand individuals throughout the Arabian Gulf through training, seminars, publications and awareness raising campaigns; GOIC organized more than 45 coordination meetings and 60 training sessions, issued more than 500 publications, responded to more than 12000 inquiries in the area of industrial and economic information, launched the GCC industrial road map in June 2012 and carried out an annual assessment of the readiness of GCC countries to move to knowledge-based industries (2011-2012).

Why choosing GOIC?

The Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting endeavours to provide clients with quality professional services, added value researches and unique consulting services regarding industrial and economic development issues in GCC countries and Yemen. 

What can GOIC offer you?

Industrial data, information, projects and policies.

Suggesting vital industrial projects that can be jointly executed by GCC countries and Yemen.

Recommendations regarding the coordination and integration of industrial projects in GCC countries and Yemen.

Promoting economic and technical cooperation between existing industrial institutions and others that are yet to be

Assisting in the preparation and/or assessment of industrial studies.

Carrying out studies and analysing industrial data.

Training in different industrial areas.

Promoting logos and trademarks.

The Achievements:

The impact of the Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting on industries and economies in GCC countries can be summarized as follows:

  Since more than three decades, GOIC has been playing a major role in identifying and introducing new industries and shaping general industrial policies in the Gulf. The Organization presents recommendations specifically about the unified industrial strategy between GCC countries.

  GOIC succeeded in providing the industrial and economic public and private sectors with accurate market information, specialized researches and consulting services and adequate training over the years. In addition to that, GOIC played a key role in promoting industrial development in the region.

  In this context, GOIC has helped identifying and introducing new industries in the region and coordinating between existing industries. The Organization’s recommendations specifically concerning the unified industrial strategy between GCC countries have shaped the general industrial policies for several years now.

  Recently, GOIC started playing an even bigger role at the private sector level within the economies of GCC countries. In fact, the Organization has played a central role in the economic and social integration of the public and private sectors in the region.

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